Dolphin Dive

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The Roatan Dolphin Dive is a full 45 minutes dive with the dolphins on a sandy bottom at a depth of 60 feet. After checking in with the dive shop(certification required), you will take a short boat ride to Bailey’s Key, home of the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Duration: 3 hours

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Participants will take part in a small orientation with a Q&A session about proper diving etiquette with the dolphins. Once completed, its a short boat ride to the second largest reef system in the world and where all the excitement begins! The boat ride ends with your descent along the beautiful reef wall where you will meet two or three of your curious dolphin friends. You may interact with the dolphins at this point in the dive; a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist, and videographer will be accompanying you. Requirements: Children 12 years of age and older; 4 guest minimum, 10 guest maximum.


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