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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions are listed below to help you in answering your concerns about your arrival and departure. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please contact us by email or telephone. 


NO. There are no additional costs or fees related to your booking.

YES. All bookings with the exception of boat charters are paid in full.

YES. Please print the first page of the paid booking invoice or have a digital copy available for your tour guide or driver upon arrival.

YES. Our refund & cancellation terms may be found on our booking policy.

YES. All our drivers and guides speak fluent English and Spanish.

NO. Company policy prohibits drivers and guides to carry change. 

NO. Gratuity/tips are not included with your excursion.

NO. Gratuity/Tips are not necessary, amount is up to island guest.


Comfortable clothing; bathing suit, shorts, sundress, t-shirt, tank top, sandals, tennis shoes, etc..

We recommend; hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towel, camera, OFF Bug Spray, and anything excursion specific that is not provided to you.

YES. It’s recommended you have some form of valid identification on your person.

YES. It’s recommended you also print the map and watch the video. A digital copy on your phone may work as well.

YES. For incidentals, the US Dollar is used widely, as is the Honduran Lempira. Some establishments may not accept credit cards. Ripped twenty dollar bills may not be accepted.

YES. If you plan on using your credit card out of the United States or place of origin.

YES. Unit must fold or collapse and prior notice must be given to Discover Roatan™ Excursions & Tours. Keep in mind, not all island attractions are 100% wheelchair accessible. 

NO. DRET strictly prohibits the possession and use of any non prescribed drugs and medications during any of our excursions or tours. 

Port Arrival

Yes! Cruise ship time is based on the ship’s port of origin. In general, one to two hours difference to Roatan time. Roatan is on Central Standard Time and doesn’t observe Daylight Savings. 

¡IMPORTANT! All excursions and tours are based on local Roatan time.

The excursion pickup time is shown on your booking confirmation receipt. Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes in meeting your driver on the specified pickup time. Please follow the port exit & meetup instructions sent to you previously.

Yes. Please request pickup time during booking process. Requested pickup time must not interfere with transportation, excursion, and cruise ship time frames.

Please meet your driver for pickup on the designated time shown on your booking. A DRET Representative will be waiting for your party.

Please disembark immediately and follow the port exit & meetup instructions sent to you.

Don’t Worry! Your excursion will move forward as planned. Please follow the port exit & meetup instructions upon arrival. 

Port Departure

Once you have completed your excursion/tour for the day or agreed time. You may setup return time to port with your driver upon arrival. 

Always! We are cruise ship specialist and will have you back on the ship safely and well in advance of your departure. A MINIMUM of one hour before departure.

Discover Roatan Excursion & Tours requires a minimum of one hour before departure, NO exceptions. 

NO. On your return to port for departure, you will be dropped off inside the cruise ship terminal, curbside.

YES. If time allows, you may explore the port’s shops before boarding the cruise ship for departure.

YES. Discover Roatan Excursions & Tours verifies departure times prior to ship’s arrival and after docking with the port authority. 

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