Roatan Weather & Climate

Roatan Weather

Year Round Weather & Climate

Roatan Weather & Climate

Many travelers planning to visit Roatan in the western Caribbean look for the Roatan weather & climate patterns beforehand. Individuals traveling from North America and Canada will be pleased to know that the temperatures vary only about 10 degrees throughout the entire year. Roatan’s tropical rainforest climate is consistent and ideal for land and sea adventurers.

Warm Season & Cold Season

Mid July through the beginning of October is considered the “warm season” on Roatan. The average temperature during this period of time is in the high 80’s, with the hottest days taking place in the first week of September. The “cold season”, for conversation sake, lasts from mid November to the middle of February. The coldest period of time is around Christmas, with an average high temperature 83°F / 28°C and low of 73°F / 23°C. NOTE: High season for tourism is between November and May of each year. 


Roatan doesn’t have a dry season and the tropical weather of the Caribbean allows for the occasional thunderstorm. Off shore trade-winds, rain, and overcast are all part of the tropical landscape. However, no need to worry, just as fast as the clouds roll in, that’s how fast the sunshine can reappear.

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands and seldom comes in contact with hurricane activity. However, the island did receive substantial damage from Hurricane Mitch in 1998. We have compiled data from various sources on Roatan weather & climate patterns. This will hopefully give you an understanding of what to expect when visiting Roatan and the other Bay Islands.

Roatan Monthly Weather Averages

JANUARY82°F / 28°C74°F / 23°C39% Chance of Drizzle
FEBRUARY84°F / 29°C75°F / 24°C25% Chance of Drizzle
MARCH84°F / 29°C76°F / 24°C18% Chance of Drizzle
APRIL87°F / 30°C78°F / 26°C10% Chance of Drizzle
MAY87°F / 30°C80°F / 27°C9% Chance of Drizzle
JUNE88°F / 31°C81°F / 27°C17% Chance of Drizzle
JULY88°F / 31°C81°F / 27°C19% Chance of Drizzle
AUGUST88°F / 31°C81°F / 27°C10% Thunderstorm/Rain
SEPTEMBER90°F / 32°C81°F / 27°C12% Thunderstorm/Rain
OCTOBER87°F / 30°C77°F / 25°C12% Thunderstorm/Rain
NOVEMBER84°F / 29°C75°F / 24°C10% Chance of Heavy Rain
DECEMBER83°F / 28°C77°F / 25°C10% Chance of Heavy Rain

Humidity on Roatan

The tropical climate brings above average humidity levels to the Bay Islands and is part of life in the Caribbean. Roatan Island experiences mildly humid to very humid conditions reaching in the upper 90’s. Somewhat the same relative humidity as people living in the southern United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. The dew point (muggy) is a better indicator on how comfortable a person is and how they perspire when exposed to this type of climate. Thus, the beginning of the year to mid year is more tolerable for most, both in relative humidity and dew point.


Roatan Weather Expectations

All the data and weather projections can’t guarantee the weather as we would like. Sure, we can have a relative understanding of what the weather may be, but never depend on it. For example, the rainy season is September through January, but there are times when Roatan receives little rainfall during that time period. The traveler prefers clear skies and sunshine for the limited time they have on the island. I mean, you probably left the frigid weather up north for fun in the sun. For the most part, Roatan weather is sure to please, just let Mother Nature do her job and you will have memorable times from your visit to the western Caribbean.

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