Roatan Mangrove Tunnels, Iguana Farm, Garifuna Village Tour

Roatan Mangrove Tunnels, Iguana Farm, & Garifuna Village Tour


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About Roatan Mangrove Tunnels, Iguana Farm, Garifuna Village Tour

Our Roatan Mangrove Tunnels, Iguana Farm, & Garifuna Village Tour (Roatan Culture Tour) visits all the traditional places on the island. Thus, we head east to French Harbour, the islands original fishing village and largest in the Caribbean. After some time here, we will proceed to French Cay and the Iguana Farm to feed and interact with the indigenous iguanas. Did you Know? The Black Spine Iguana may only be found on Roatan.  

Legend has it, that the Roatan mangrove tunnels/canals located in Jonesville were cut out by pirates centuries ago as a safe haven for themselves. They also used the water channels to time their attack on passerby ships caught in bad weather. Here you will board the cayuco tour boats.

The seaside boat tour of water canals will lead you to channels with turquoise colors and lagoons, with birds and other wildlife around you. We will stop at the Hole in The Wall (if you wish) for lunch and take in the beautiful surroundings. Another island favorite is Cal’s Cantina, we may stop there for lunch as well. (Lunch sold separately.) 

Our next stop is the Garifuna Village in Punta Gorda. The Garifuna People are descendants of West Africa and can be found throughout the Caribbean. Today, most have settled in Central America after their exile from St Vincent in the central Caribbean. 

If available, you will have the opportunity to meet the Garifuna People and learn about their every day life and culture at the Garifuna Village. We recommend you try their local dish, the Machuca. The Afro-latin hot soup dish consists of mashed plantains, coconut milk, fish, conch meat, and shrimp. (sold separately)

NOTE: The Garifuna dancers may or may not be available at the time of tour. Please check with us in advance for scheduling.


Children 4 years old and under are free.

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"The mangrove tunnels in Jonesville were a real treat! Our boat master Emerald had the total Caribbean spirit; I loved his decorated canoe."
Roatan Mangrove Tunnels Tour Tripadvisor Review
Chelsea L
Williamsburg, Virginia

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