Maya Key Private Island Retreat

Maya Key Private Island Retreat


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The Maya Key Private Island Excursion

The Maya Key Private Island Retreat is 12 acres of tropical paradise located across the bay from Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands. Cruise passengers arriving in the Port of Roatan will take a short scenic boat ride to the Maya Key for an exciting day of world-class snorkeling, exotic animal encounters, and much more.

The setting is perfect for that Caribbean getaway…white sand beaches, palm trees, and lush gardens throughout the private island. The coral reef is abundant in sea-life and can be accessed with a short swim from shore. 

Island guests at their leisure will have the opportunity to explore the Mayan Ball Court & Plaza, an interpretation center, the Honduran art exhibits, and Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.

  • Mayan Interpretation Center – At the Center, you will learn about the Mayan cultural legacy of Honduras, as it relates to the natural flora & fauna for the region.
  • Ethnic Honduran Art Exhibit Center – Craft production in Honduras connects the ancient past to the present day.  The Maya Key features a small exhibit of  quality Honduran craftsmanship in clay, natural fibers, wood, and silver.
  • The Mayan Plaza – The Copan Ruins Popol Na are recreated in replica form at the Maya Key. Called the “Mat House”, Popol Na was used as a Council House where high ranking community members would sit on mats and debate public matters.

  • The Mayan Ball Court – An ancient sport, the Mayan ball game is the first sport in the history of humanity, dating back at least 2,500 BC. The game was played with a solid rubber ball (weighing about 10 pounds) with teams of one to four people.
  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center – The wildlife refuge displays some of the most exotic animals in Central America. Guests will encounter jungle cats such as the Jaguar and Ocelot. A giant aviary with many species of our feathered friends, monkeys, and iguanas are all part of the tour. More importantly, learn how the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility played a pivotal role in the survival of these beautiful creatures.

NOTE: Maya Key Island guests will have the opportunity to one of our three Maya Key packages. Lockers are available for rent during booking.

The Maya Key Private Island Retreat is the perfect excursion for island guests wanting to get away from the crowds and experience a serene day in the Caribbean.


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"Perfect getaway for the day, short 10 min. Boat ride from the port and sooo..worth it, for us it was not crowded at all, and it's a great place for snorkeling. "
Maya Key Roatan Tripadvisor Review
Tammy W.
Dilworth, Minnesota

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