Beach Club Roatan – All Inclusive

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The Beach Club Roatan All-Inclusive package is a great value, plenty of food and drink at one of Roatan’s premier beach clubs.

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The Beach Club Roatan All-Inclusive Package includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Access to Beach Club Roatan & amenities
  • Lunch & drinks (see below)

Lunch Menu: Select 2                           Drink Menu: 6 drinks                     Sides: Select 2

Margarita Chicken                                   Salva Vida                                             Beans & Rice

Island Grilled Pork Chops                      Barena                                                   Crinkle Cut Fries

Island Style Chicken Breasts                 Port Royal                                              Plantains

Carne Asada                                              Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon        Veggie Du Jour

Fried Fillet Fish                                        Gin Mixed w/Juice or Soda               Cole Slaw

                                                                     Margarita on the Rocks or Frozen

                                                                     House Daiquiri

NOTE: Island guests ages 5 through 17 may pick 6 of the following beverages: Ice Tea, Lemonade, Water, Soda Pop, and Shirley Temples. In addition, a beverage is included with your meal. Thus, 7 drinks in total.

DURATION: 4-6 hours


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