Maya Kay Private Island Retreat

Maya Key Private Island – Day Pass

From: $69.99

The Maya Key Private Island Day Pass takes place on a 12 acres private island paradise.  Cruise passengers arriving in port will take a short scenic boat ride to the Maya Key for an exciting day of world-class snorkeling, exotic animal encounters and much more.

This excursion includes:

  • Round-trip transportation (cruise ship port or place of stay)
  • Scenic boat ride to May Key
  • Admission to Private Island
  • Guided or Self-guided tour of grounds and ecological park
  • Amenities; Private beach, Beach chair, Pool, Animal sanctuary, bathrooms, & drinks sold separately


  • Honduran Art Exhibit Center
  • Mayan Interpretation Center
  • Mayan Ball Court & Plaza
  • Wildlife Rescue Center (Tour)
  • Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (2nd largest on planet)

Duration: 3-6 Hours

Note: Please bring your own beach towel from cruise ship or place of stay. Snorkel gear and locker rental available during booking. Port pickup & meetup instructions are sent out by email upon booking. All cruise ship island guests are required to be back in port NO later than one hour from departure time.

Fins, Mask, Snorkel, and Snorkel Vest.

Locker rental for the day.

Encounter and interact with exotic animals such as the Amazon Parrot, Capuchin Monkey, Macaw, Sloth, and more! Save $20.00 per person.

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