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Pirates of The Caribbean “Extremely Extreme” Zipline

From: $79.99

This Pirates of The Caribbean “Extremely Extreme” canopy zip-line is perfect for everyone including first timers and island guests of all ages and activity levels. This is one of two available canopy tours at this location.


The add-on is for island guests in your group that want the beach break but are NOT going to zip-line.

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The Pirates of The Caribbean CanopyExtreme” Zipline purchase includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Zipline tour with guide
  • Interaction with animal at location
  • Beach Club Roatan Day Pass

The Pirates of The Caribbean Canopy Extremely Extreme” Zipline consists of:

  • Duration of Canopy Zipline Tour is 45-90 Minutes
  • 9 Zip Line Traverses
  • 9 Platforms at Different Height Levels
  • Longest Cable is 1980 Feet, Highest Point is 328 Feet
  • Canopy Zipline Adventure is Approximately 2 Miles Long
  • Perfect for first timers, all ages & activity levels, handicap access

Requirements & Specifications:

Weight Limit (including tandem): 375lbs / 170 kgs

Maximum Harness Size: Waist – 66 in. / 167cm, thighs – 44 in. / 111cm

Children under 70lbs / 32 kgs must ride tandem with either a parent or guide

Toddlers and infants will be strapped to a parent in an infant / toddler sling


NOTE: Beach Club Roatan Day Pass is included in this excursion, a $40.00 savings! For members of group not zip-lining, please purchase Beach Club Roatan Day Pass only.

Duration: 3-6 hours (including beach break, but not required)


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