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About Roatan BOSS Underwater Adventure

The BOSS Underwater Adventure is a great way to experience Roatan’s coral reef without being a scuba diver or requiring any special skills. The Roatan underwater scooter, the breathing observation submersible scooter (B.O.S.S.), will have you smiling cheek to cheek as you explore the world’s second largest reef system with its abundant sea life. For ages 10 and up, this is a perfect shore excursion for family and friends.

Once aboard the boat, the staff with brief you on the underwater scooter, its use and safety. Mind you, there will be 5 dive-masters/dive instructors with you at all time during your underwater journey. They will assist you in and out of the scooter and help you with anything else you may need in the water. Photos will be taken by a professional photographer in the event you want to purchase them. 


The excitement begins at our destination, a short 5 minute boat ride to the beautiful reef. Depending on the group size, there will be a rotation of excursion guests taking part in the BOSS Underwater Adventure. Meanwhile, those waiting may snorkel, swim, or lounge around the boat and enjoy some fresh fruit and water.

The underwater adventure takes place about 8 feet underwater and lasts about 35-40 minutes per group. No special skills are necessary, in fact you don’t even need to know how to swim! There are also two large ladders with hand rails to enter in and out of the water. A bathroom  is available on the boat as well. The underwater scooter adventure is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long.  

After your BOSS Underwater Adventure, you will have some leisure time to explore West End Village’s main street. The quaint village has various shops and restaurants to choose from. Our tour guide will give you suggestions and set up a meeting time to return to your place of stay.


Tour of West End Village included!

Cruise ship island guests must book this excursion through cruise line.

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